Why Trust and Work with Robin’s Signature Health, Financial & Insurance Services?

1). Service – Robin’s Signature Health, Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. (RSHFIS) has been helping and caring for clients for over 15 years. Many of our clients have been with us for 10+ years! This is a testament to the care, expertise and customer service we have provided our clients.

2). We work FOR YOU – we do the research on all financial, long-term care, health and Medicare plans appropriate to your situation, and then guide you in analyzing them to help you determine which fits your particular needs and situation. We work for you, NOT the insurance and/or financial companies.

3). We are Brokers and are contracted with numerous insurance and financial companies in your area. This enables us to review more plans that may fit your needs so you have more options from which to choose. You don’t have to waste time contacting individual companies on your own and get confused trying to decipher all the plan benefits!

4). Free to You! There is no charge for our research, expertise and service. The insurance and/or financial companies compensate us to assist you.

5). Here After the Sale – As your broker, we are available after the sale and all year long. Since plans can change yearly, we’ll communicate with you to see if any of the new plans might fit your needs better. Since your medical, life and financial situation can change from year to year, it is important for us to be in touch periodically throughout the year.