New to Medicare?

We will be happy to do a “Medicare 101” session to help you understand what Medicare is, what it includes and doesn’t include, and the different options you have for medical and prescription drug coverage.

We will then guide you in enrolling in Medicare Parts A & B and help determine if you might qualify for any programs to help lower possible Medicare costs.

Once you are enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B, we will research the health plans that are contracted with your doctors and cover your prescription costs the best. We’ll help you understand the differences between Medi-gap plans and Medicare Advantage plans. We then present you with the available plan options in your area so you can choose the plan you believe best suits your current medical needs and situation.

We help you get enrolled into the plan of your choice and ensure you receive your health ID cards and assist in applying and receiving the extra benefits often included in Medicare plans.

Already on Medicare?

Individual medical and life situations, as well as health plan benefits, can change from year to year. We are here to help you adjust your health plans by discussing the changes and informing you of possible plans which may better suit your new needs.

Because we are brokers, we can shop the available plans in your area, without you having to search on your own for possible applicable plans.

How can we meet?

By phone.

(909) 919-6049
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