We find that in order to deliver superior service and guidance, we follow the following five steps:

1. Discovery – We’ll share our backgrounds, qualifications, and approach to our business. If you like what you hear, we’ll ask you to share your financial goals and objectives. Together, we’ll determine if our working together would be beneficial to you.

2. Data Gathering – We’ll take the time to find out where you are now regarding your assets and liabilities, cash flow, taxes, risk tolerance and what are your goals and how committed you are to achieving them.

3. Strategy Session – There will most likely be several options that will be presented to you for your consideration in achieving your goals. With your input, we will develop a personalized strategy for you.

4. Implementation – Our plan will include a time frame in order for you to reach your financial goals. We will help you begin implementing your plan in a time frame and fashion that is comfortable with you and your budget.

5. Review – Things change. We change jobs, goals, children move out, we retire, we lose a parent or a spouse, or maybe we decide to start a business. Your financial strategy must also change to remain effective. We meet with you at least annually to formally review your financial strategy and, if necessary, discuss appropriate changes.